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We’re committed to leaving organisations and their people in a truly better place – more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.
We've listed some of our core capabilities below, even though the descriptions will always be in BETA as we know and respect that each client and each project is unique. 
To solve your puzzle and bring you - and your company - ahead of of competition we will innovate and co-create what is required to realize your desired outcomes and implement required changes to People, Processes and Technology.


Keeping up with the pace can seem like an impossible challenge, but digitalisation and new technologies also offer endless opportunities for value creation for the organisations that successfully adapt to these changes and ignite their digital transformation journey.

We assist organisations with the development and implementation of digital and IT strategies, adjusting and fine-tuning organisational design and IT operating models and supporting leaders in complex decision-making.

We believe that digital and IT strategies are most successful when:

  • Digital is an integrated component of business strategy.
  • Business and IT have a shared aspiration for digitalisation.
  • Strategy development and execution is an integrated process.

We will help you make the right strategic choices and navigate the complexities of digital transformation by developing digital and IT strategies and operating models that fit your organisation’s business and strategic priorities.


Throughout the sourcing lifecycle, we are dedicated to helping organisations maximise the value of IT and Digital services through efficient, risk-reducing and value-creating sourcing of IT – from strategy over procurement to governance and benefits realisation.  

To support the end-to-end digital technology lifecycle, the best-performing organisations master the following:

  • IT sourcing strategy – designed to transform the IT function from a reactive cost centre to a proactive enabler of matching business requirements with a differentiated service model to balance value creation and cost.
  • Technology scouting – supporting IoT, AI and machine learning pilot initiatives and implementation projects with relevant market, vendor and technology evaluation criteria.
  • We support different go-to-market approaches, fit for purpose - such as accelerated competitive dialogue, RFI / RFP approaches with a hybrid twist where we coach the competing vendors in answering the RFP and utilising facilitated dialogue to achieve the optimum cost/benefit sourcing solution etc. to reduce risk and contingency and thereby obtain the most competitive proposal.
  • Multi-vendor sourcing governance and service integration (SIAM) – balancing service tower efficiency with end-to-end service delivery.
  • Contract and vendor management – strategic approach to vendor management for optimum value creation and benefits realisation through active contract and vendor management to protect budget boundaries by designing and implementing efficient contract and vendor management governance set-up and tool support

iTalent has the approaches and tools to help you succeed in your quest for sourcing and selection excellence and an experienced team that is willing and able to work alongside you and your colleagues to deliver lasting benefits that will enable the CIO and CTO to drive the future digital transformation of your organisation.


  • At iTalent we use our network of trusted senior principal consultans and subject matter experts to solve our customers puzzles - this way we can be flexible and cost effective. Our portfolio of service designbs stays in BETA, while at the same time constantly changing and evolving based on inspiration from our great customers and our network of consultants, service providers etc.


We are becoming more and more reliant on information systems as both societies and organisations. Consequently, security threats to information and the processing of information are rising. Therefore, it is crucial that organisations know their risk exposure and how to protect valuable assets accordingly.

You can transform your cyber and information security initiatives from being a cost and a burden to being a value driver and resilience enabler. You can do this by focussing on initiatives within the information security domain that can enable organisations to become more efficient and agile, while simultaneously achieving increased security and awareness for operational risks towards the business.

At iTalent, we can help your organisation deliver tangible business benefits from initiatives in cyber and information security as well as Privacy/GDPR by focussing on involvement and impact.

As experienced advisers, we have expertise within:

  • Management of strategic and operational risks throughout the enterprise
  • Establishing security frameworks fit for purpose based on international best practices and standards and preparing for the ISO 27001 certification, GDPR compliance and ISAE 3000 reporting
  • Project and programme management of security and privacy initiatives
  • Information security awareness and training
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis planning
  • Internet of Things and Industrial Control Systems (IoT/ICS/SCADA)
  • Vendor risk management and technical due diligence


Today, organisations need to respond quickly with a thorough understanding of the often complex issues at hand. This requires teams to work more fluidly across organisational boundaries. While the organisational design requires a change, there is also a need to fundamentally make a shift in the whole operating model: strategy, processes, structure, measurements and people.

Any transformation starts and ends with a culture and mindset change. These are elements we fundamentally work with in every aspect of what we do. New ways of working require new ways of thinking, which leads to operating within a more lean and agile organisation.

Trends to accelerate a more responsive organisational structure

Organisations are increasingly seeking a need for change from a traditional top-down and silo-managed organisation to a more responsive structure, accelerated by the following trends:

  • Quickly evolving surroundings: Demand patterns across all stakeholders are developing quickly. Customers, regulators, investors, partners and suppliers all have unique and pressing demands which have to be met.
  • Accelerating digitisation: The increased amount and transparency of information requires organisations to engage in multi-channel communication and data gathering.
  • Shifting to platforms: A move from traditional product-focused organisations to “platforms” where structures are more fluid and dynamic and the organisation boundaries are less clear (e.g. Amazon, Facebook, Uber etc.).
  • Disruptive technologies: Established businesses and industries are constantly challenged by the introduction of new technologies, pushing for a shift in organisational requirements (i.e. IoT, robotics, AI etc.).
  • Increasing focus on user insights: The translation of data into valuable user insights is becoming increasingly important. With unique insights, companies can more rapidly adjust strategy and activities to meet market demands.
  • A new view on "talents": Acknowledgement that ideas may come from anywhere in the organisation and empowerment of the entrepreneurial drive of all employees are becoming essential. When designing the organisation, design it in a way that allows ideas to be sourced, funded and realised from anywhere – not only from “talents”.