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iTalent is a network of independent consultancies, rooted in the Nordics, working for local and global clients, onsite or virtual as per our clients request. We are small and agile, and rich on subject matter expertise - we think and act fast for the sake of you and your business.

Digital Transformation in all its many flavours is our natural playground - or any other complex project/program with a significant change agenda for that matter.
We are used to work in large enterprises on large or complex projects/programs with significant Technology, Processes and People related changes, also in requlated industries. 

Our consultants are senior / principal level or above with significant project & program management experiences and their Subject Matter Expertise spans across multiple domains hence, our teams are smaller, extremely productive and muct more agile than the traditional Big4 / MBB size of consultancies with whom we easily collaborate and know very well. Among many, getting stalled projects back on track is one of our specialities.


Our clients say we're IMPACT centric. They are absolutely right.

Your success is our success - no matter the challenge , we will deliver the desired change on time and budget while exceeding your quality expectations.  To do this, we invest resources and time to ensure value creation for our clients as we believe in longlasting and trustful relationships.

Our clients represent our main source of inspiration – we are humble and proud to have earned the trust and privilege of working together with our clients and their many great people. 

We want to work with and not for our clients, where knowledge transfer in both directions is a natural part of our commitments, in order to leave behind something useful and of true value.

An important aspect of our engagements is that we prefer to stay with our clients from idea to implementation, where the challenges of our clients also become our challenges - we will go all the way. 

We are happy to engage in both small but important assignments as well as large and comprehensive projects or change programs.


Our expertise in all parts of the  life cycle, along with our work with thought leadership, allows us to deliver the best value in our assignments.

We are fast learners and highly skilled senior consultants packed with methodologies, tools etc.


We are independent of service providers and other interests - our customers needs are paramount.

We know the market and can recommend what is the best choice for our customers.


We are spurred by delivering results in complex environments that can be both technically and politically challenging and we aim to deliver tangible useful results while helping our customers to establish a “win -win"-relationship with  your service providers.


With a strong culture of commitment, many years of experience and extensive subject matter expertise we can do the planning and execute the plans to make your desired changes happen, while ensuring not just the outcome but also the required organizational change management aspects to make the change longlasting.

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